Travel to and from the venue

Apart from evaluating the accessibility of the venue itself, we have to consider how people can reach the venue. The most accessible events are close to areas where public transport is available. This ensures that a large number of people from all walks of life can attend it. If the event has to be held outside public transport limits, try to arrange for shuttle services, such as a minibus, from the nearest public transport point to pick up and drop off participants at designated times. A confirmation sheet (See section titled "Confirmation sheet" below) will help you plan this optimally.

In many cities, taxi aggregator services such as Uber™ and Ola Cabs™ make it feasible for persons with disabilities for whom public transport is not accessible, to get around. Even if they can reach a venue with these services, some areas may be quite deserted at the time the event ends. Therefore it may be difficult for participants to get a taxi back home, or the surge charges will be very high. Keep the timings of the event in mind while deciding on the suitability of a venue.


If there are limited parking spots at a venue, keep those reserved for persons with limited mobility who have confirmed their attendance in advance. You can also hire local valet services to for the benefit of all participants at the event. Ensure that the valets are briefed in advance about the use of adapted vehicles.

Budget for: valet services.

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