Written by: Amba Salelkar
Edited by: Rohini Lakshané

What is this module about?

This module explains the various ways in which we can make our events inclusive for persons with disabilities. This means that a person with any disability should be able to attend an event with minimal discomfort and be able to participate to the extent at which they feel comfortable, just like everyone else does. There are some things we can do to make sure that our event is accessible for anyone with a disability who comes in. There may be other things we have to do in specific cases to make an event a little more comfortable for a particular person. We also have to remember that including people with disabilities costs more than having events that don't include people with disabilities. This module will discuss this aspect as well.

This module will provide guidelines for planning and budgeting for an event that follows the principles of Universal Design, is accessible for everyone including persons with disabilities, and also allows for reasonable accommodation of participants where required. All of the above concepts will be explained in this module.

Whom is this module designed for?

This module is designed for people or organizations that want to host structured events for a wide range of participants including persons with disabilities. It can also be used by persons with disabilities to bring some issues to the attention of organizers of events that they may want to attend.

Why is this module important?

It is important to make our events accessible for a wide range of people to attend. It is important to think about inclusion right from the time you are planning your event so you can incorporate accessibility and inclusion at every step of your event design. People with disabilities generally do not like attending events open to the public if they feel like their accessibility needs will be ignored. This leads to a lack of diversity among participants.

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