This worksheet may be used by a group or community that has newly embraced the concepts of CoC, FSP, or safe space. It may also be administered as an exercise or test by a trainer who teaches this learning module.

  1. Define what an "outreach event" means in your project/ community. What events can be considered as exceptions to the usual outreach events?
  2. What are the best practices regarding the drafting and implementation of a CoC for the event? (Includes best practices before and after the event)
  3. What makes a CoC ineffective or sub-optimal, especially in the context of your community and/ or event?
  4. Make a checklist of things that the framework of the CoC should contain.
  5. How does CoC differ based on the the size and nature of the event and the size of the participant group?
  6. How does the composition and function of the Incident Response team differ based on the nature and type of event (e.g., large conference, small meeting, consultation, outreach, or edit-a-thon)?
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