Sometimes it becomes necessary to take the extreme step of excluding known miscreants or harassers from the community or from events where members meet in person. A ban or similar sanction is usually imposed on:

  • Repeat offenders, that is, those who continue to resort to unacceptable behaviour despite previous punitive measures taken against them.
  • Those who have been conclusively held responsible for extremely serious transgressions, even if such a transgression happened only once.

An event ban policy and process should ideally consider the frequency of misconduct or its magnitude or both. The policy should delineate if serious misconduct outside Wikimedia spaces, in contexts other than the Wikimedia movement, and at a time far in the past would be considered when determining a ban or other punitive steps.

Someone being banned from an event or community is an unfortunate situation. Nevertheless, removing a disruptive person may instill a greater sense of safety among participants, keep an event from getting derailed, and help maintain a friendly environment for everyone. A ban may also act as a deterrent against potential violations of the standards of behaviour the community has laid down for itself.

URLs to the Wikimedia event ban policy and process have been included in the "Useful references" section of this module.

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