Written by : Amba Salelkar
Edited and Reviewed by : Rohini Lakshané

What is this module about?

This module is meant to give the reader an understanding of the complex topic of disability and language, as it exists today, from the point of view of persons with disabilities. The module is also meant to explain some of the ways in which we can make materials more accessible for persons with different kinds of impairments by ensuring their inclusion in technological access. [Editor's note: "Technological access" in the context of this module refers to access to content on the Internet and to devices such as mobile phones, personal computers, laptops and their peripherals.]

Whom is this module designed for?

This module is designed for people who would like to write on issues related to disability and persons with disability. It is also designed for people who produce knowledge in various forms and formats and want people with disability to be able to access such knowledge.

Why is this important?

Wikipedians often write about impairments or about people who have lived with impairments. This is observed quite commonly when editing biographies of people who have or had disabilities, or when certain medical conditions are being discussed. We must ensure that our writing reflects the present framing of disability. It is also important to universally design our output so that it can be consumed by a wider audience. An audience that experiences better inclusion of their issues and perspectives may feel more welcome and comfortable while contributing to this body of knowledge.

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