What is able-bodied privilege?

One definition is provided by Disabled Feminists1 :

'The term able-bodied/abled privilege refers to the numerous benefits -- some hidden, many not -- that many societies and cultures accord to able-bodied and/or abled people.'

A group of Carleton University students who run a website called "Challenge Ableism"2 explain it like this:

'Able-bodied privilege assumes that everyone can see, walk, hear and talk, for example, constructing environments around these "non-negotiable" attributes.'

How do we assume what is 'normal' ability to think, walk, hear, see, or experience emotion? What can be termed 'normal' can be different for different people. A person's normal is simply what they define it as, not what it is presumed to be. All environments must accommodate the varied needs of human beings.

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