In conclusion

Identification of able-bodied privilege should act as a catalyst for making society more inclusive and accessible for disabled people. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that is used widely as a source of knowledge and information by people of all ages and with different identities. Wikipedia also aims to be the encyclopedia that houses the sum of all human knowledge. It would be a good practice for Wikipedians to be inclusive, accessible and most importantly, to think about how they present information. If ableist language is prevalent in Wikipedia articles, then their audience are likely to learn from and reproduce the same language, causing a domino effect. Language that is dehumanising, disrespectful or simply unmindful of disability alienates persons with disabilities, many of who may wish to contribute to Wikipedia and seek information from it.

o quote a famous and viral poster campaign17 launched by the University of San Francisco,

"Becoming aware of privilege should not be viewed as a burden or source of guilt, but rather, an opportunity to learn and be responsible so the we may work toward a more just and inclusive world."

"Becoming aware of privilege". Source:[PDF](CC-BY-SA)

[Editor's note: The checkbox for "Christian" in the image above is to be viewed in light of the fact that the poster was created by the University of San Francisco, USA.]

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